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EXPO 2010
Shanghai 1. May - 31. October 2010
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Poster with the chinese national EXPO pavilion, "Oriental Crown",

Only part of the EXPO area in Shanghai is closed and needs entrance ticket while 38 percent of the EXPO area is open to the public free of charge. without. The largest area however needs a ticket.

The price for a basic standard day ticket for the Expo in Shanghai is 160 Yuan (Renminbi), which is equivalent to aprox 16 Euro or 23 Dollar depending on the actual currency rate.

From this standard price a number of discounts and extra rates are calculated.

The second of three periods of presale periods ended at the first of January 2010 but still it is possible to get a small discount by buying the tickets in Presale Period 3 which ends when the World Exhibition opens a the 1st of May 2010.

Ticket prices
Expo Shanghai 2010
Presale 3
1. Jan 2010
- 30. April.2010
Peak Day
Single Day Admission
190 RMB 200 RMB
Peak Day
Special Admission
110 RMB 120 RMB
Standard Day
Single Day Admission
150 RMB 160 RMB
Standard Day
Special Admission
90 RMB 100 RMB
3 Day Admission 400 RMB
7 Day Admission 700 RMB
Evening Admission No presale 90 RMB
Group Admission For authorized travel agents only
Student Group
For authorized travel agents
and education institutions only

Children at or under 1,2 meters have admission to the EXPO area free of charge and special discounts are offered disabled, people born before 1950, students and military personal on duty.

The 19 Peak Days are days with expected extraordinary many visitors at the EXPO. For these days special Peak Day Tickets are needed. The Peak Days are:

1st - 3rd of May (Opening and Labour Day)

1st - 7th of October (National Day Holyday)

25th - 31st of October (last days of the exhibition).

Read more about tickets at the organizers homepage.

Chinese Pavillon at Expo
The Chinese pavillon under construction